7 Ways going Barefoot Soothes the Sole (..and the rest of you too!)

1. Improves Strength and Stability: Strengthens the core muscles, legs and feet, creating a wider range of motion and improved stability and balance. 2. A better night sleep: A walk in nature will help set your circadian rhythm. Experts say that those who suffer from a sleeping disorder can rediscover their sleep if they occasionallyContinue reading “7 Ways going Barefoot Soothes the Sole (..and the rest of you too!)”

Types of Floor Mats: A Definitive Guide

You have to walk on your floor throughout the day, don’t you think it needs something to cover up to that will reduce your maintenance expenses? Indeed, you need one, and what could be better than a floor mat. As you know there are different types of floor mats in the market and you haveContinue reading “Types of Floor Mats: A Definitive Guide”

A Guide to Puzzle Floor Mats – What You Should Know

Puzzles can be an a fun and effective way to invest in your child’s early development. Allowing children to assemble and deconstruct in a safe way is essential in developing visual sense, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.  Muffik combines puzzles with floor mats offers a innovative method for exciting and secure play. In thisContinue reading “A Guide to Puzzle Floor Mats – What You Should Know”

How Healthy Feet Can Help You Achieve a Healthy Mind

Did you know that healthy feet can help you achieve a healthy mind and body? It can even help with insomnia. Read here to find out how the two correlate. Keyword(s): healthy mind Your feet were made for walking, but is that all they’re good for? In fact, your feet impact not only your physicalContinue reading “How Healthy Feet Can Help You Achieve a Healthy Mind”

Why Sensory Stimulation Is Important for Foot Health

Sensory stimulation is important for foot health, especially in children. Read here to find out how sensory stimulation effects development. Keyword(s): sensory stimulation Over 40% of people prefer to walk around barefoot. While walking around barefoot gets a reputation of being unsanitary or “gross,” it’s actually essential for sensory stimulation in children. What is sensory stimulation?Continue reading “Why Sensory Stimulation Is Important for Foot Health”

Activities for Children and Parents

Have you ever wondered about the activities children and parents can enjoy together? Read here to find out, and to learn why Muffik is the best option. Keyword(s): children and parents You finally have an afternoon with your child, and you’re racking your brain for how you should spend your time together. If you’re tired ofContinue reading “Activities for Children and Parents”

3 Grounding Techniques You Can Do With Kids

Adults and children alike can benefit from grounding techniques, especially when they’re done outdoors. Read here for 3 grounding techniques. Keyword(s): grounding techniques Confidence. Security. Strength. These are all feelings associated with being grounded. When you feel stable and connected to the earth, you’re often happier, more energetic, and focused. Children are no different. They thriveContinue reading “3 Grounding Techniques You Can Do With Kids”

How to Strengthen Feet to End Lower Back and Leg Pain

Strong feet can help with leg pain and lower back pain. Read here to find out how to strengthen feet, and what Muffik can do for you and your children alike. Keyword(s): how to strengthen feet Lower back and leg pain is all too common among adults. But believe it or not, kids can sufferContinue reading “How to Strengthen Feet to End Lower Back and Leg Pain”

3 Things You Should Know About Flat Feet in Children

Have you ever wondered about flat feet in children? Click here for 3 things you should know, and what you can do to prevent or treat your child’s flat feet. Keyword(s): Flat Feet in children, Muffik Puzzle Floors As a parent, your child’s physical and mental development is paramount. Have they started complaining of footContinue reading “3 Things You Should Know About Flat Feet in Children”

Welcome to Muffik Puzzle Floor

As Christmas season inches closer once again, adults are now searching for the perfect gifts for kids. Nowadays, parents and wards look for function over style. Sensory store Coby & Bam look to introduce an innovative product for kids that offer a high functionality level: the Muffik Ortho Puzzle Floor. The Muffik Puzzle Floor isContinue reading “Welcome to Muffik Puzzle Floor”