The Making of Muffik

After many years of working in a pediatric gym, Radim noticed the need for better coordination with children. He spent years looking for causes and solutions, and the most prevalent problem was poor balance, core strength, leg strength, foot strength.

After researching, implementing and developing new approaches to help with these problems, he landed on the universal problem of flat feet. Feet do not develop naturally when they spend their whole lives on concrete and flat floors.

To correct this, Radim created textured floor mats for his children to help to increase strength, balance and stability. These were the mats that would later become Muffik. They worked! The children loved them!

This set into motion the major project that spanned three continents in development. With the University of Ostrava as a research and development partner, specialists in the field, specialists with children, specialists in the production of floor tiles, tons of creativity and love, we now have Muffik!

What you see today, is a culmination of experts in their own field combined with a passion of helping children. We offer the perfect flooring product that provides children with exactly what they need, but more than that: it is fun, engaging, medically beneficial, a product your whole family will love.

Chiropractors, Orthopedic Specialists, Podiatrists, Physical therapist, Occupational therapists, Coaches, Teachers, Parents and Children all LOVE this product.

We could not be more happy with the success of Muffik. It solves medical problems, it is fun and engaging, it promotes parent and child play, it is a flooring option. Muffik is so loved, it is sold world wide! Our manufacturing plant cannot keep up with the demand, and we continue to grow at unprecedented rates!

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