Types of Floor Mats: A Definitive Guide


You have to walk on your floor throughout the day, don’t you think it needs something to cover up to that will reduce your maintenance expenses?

Indeed, you need one, and what could be better than a floor mat. As you know there are different types of floor mats in the market and you have plenty of options to choose from. 

What Are Floor Mats?

Before you head toward buying floor mats for home or commercial purposes, you might want to know what is a floor mat?

Well, the floor mat is specified covering that you can spread over your floors to prevent any abrasive damage and you can limit your renovation costs.

Floor mats are not limited to your homes just, you can even use floor mats for cars to protect your car floors.

Types of Floor Mats on the Market:

In this definitive guide of floor mats, we must provide you the best information about floor mats.

That is why we have enlisted different types of floor mats that are available in the market and ready to fulfill your purpose of floor mats.

1- Anti-fatigue Floor Mats:

This type of mats is designed for releasing the tension from legs and backs. They also help support the lower back and are nicer on sore feet.

If you own a business these mats can give your employees some relaxation in their work and they can perform better, this way these floor mats might prove a huge plus for your business.

A great option for fun at-home orthopedic support is the Muffik puzzle floor. It provides support for flat feet and is great for all ages.


  • For the assembly line in a factory.
  • Hosts of shows.
  • Cashiers at superstores.

2- Floor Mats for Wet Areas:

If you own a restaurant or a swimming pool these floor mats are for you, this type of floor mats is used in the wet places, where people might slip.

In the kitchens most of the people can have accidents related to water or other fluids, they might get a slip and get hurt, but with these mats that would not be the case anymore.

These mats are durable and won’t get destroyed by water, rather they make life much easier.


  • In front of coolers in public or restaurants
  • Chefs station at a restaurant.
  • Ramps those lead to your store
  • Behind the bar counters

3- Industrial Floor Mats:

These floor mats are specifically designed for doing more than the floor mats of your stores and restaurants.

Although these are commercial mats as well but here is the catch these floor mats are designed for heavy work.

This type of floor mats is mostly used in factories and you do not have to worry about the flooring with your heavy equipment.

They are installed in the factories to significantly reduce the impact caused by heavy industrial goods.

Now, you know about the mats that can be used in your factory! You do not have to look for floor mats for factories anymore.


  • Heavy industry areas.
  • Near pieces of machinery.
  • Loading and unloading rooms.
  • Around the control panels.

4- Customizable Floor Mats:

Most of the people want to have a floor mat with some specific designs. If you are one of them, this type of floor mats is for you.

Customizable floor mats are taking a new trend in the market. some people like to have some specific designs, color combinations, and monograms printed on their floor mats.

If you are very picky about the things you buy then you can also have a floor mat manufactured only by your instructions.

The best part is, you can have these floor mats in every quality and material you want.

You will be in charge, the only drawback is that these floor mats are a little expensive than the regular ones, but if you are not getting what you want, you can always have this type of floor mats.


  • Can be used according to your purposes, you have to get it built with the desired materials, which fulfill your requirements.

5- Carpet Floor Mats:

You might not believe it, but these are the most used type of floor mats.

Most people use these carpet mats to protect their floorings from any abrasive damage, these floor mats are mostly used in houses.

Carpet floor mats are mostly produced in fabrics and only used indoors.

If you are looking for a floor mat for home, we recommend you try carpet floor mats they will not only protect your flooring but they make them look quite elegant and comfortable to walk.


  • In bedrooms and living rooms.
  • On the stairs.

6- Entrance Floor Mats:

These are the most common floor mats, you would come across. You might have seen them around everywhere.

These come in very pretty designs and are mostly placed on the entrance of offices, homes, restaurants, etc.

They prevent most of the debris and dust to stay away from the floorings that people might walk in with.

If you are dealing with something like that already you have to get this type of floor mats.


  • The entrance of pretty much everything.

How To Clean Your Floor Mats:

We know these floor mats cover your floor and keep it clean, but your floor mats can get dirty as well and you have to clean them.

Now, there are different types of floor mats in your house and your car. For these kinds of floor mats, you have to take different approaches to clean them.

1- How can you clean your rubber floor mats?

You might be using a rubber floor matt to cover your floor. These rubber mats can be a great addition to your floor protection, but because of dirt and sanitary problems, you have to clean your rubber mats.

To proceed, you can always grab a detergent or soapy water and clean your mat with the help of a brush, you have to mix your soap or detergent with the warm water, and with the help of a hard brush, you can scrub your way around the mat.

Make sure you always go through the textures and designs if you have a textured mat.

we recommend you clean your mats more gradually because dirty rubber mat can promote bacterial growth that can be a cause of many diseases.

2- How can you clean the car floor mats? 

Car floor mats are quite necessary to use for your car. They won’t make your car floor dirty and your car floors will not rust any time soon.

But the same applies here, your dirty car floor mats can cause fungal and bacterial growth that can cause an unhygienic environment. So, you have to clean your car floor mats.

Now, there are different manufactured materials for different types of floor mats for cars and you have to take a different approach for different materials, but the basic idea is the same.

You have to pull your car mats out of your car. If you have fabric car mats you can simply use water mixed with soap to rinse it well and until it gets clean.

If you have rubber car floor mats it is better to use a brush to cleanse it through the texture.

3- How can you clean your carpet floor mats?

As you know there are different types of floor mats and carpet mats are quite popular. These mats are mostly used in our living room and bedroom.

These types of floor mats can get dirty quite easily, they are mostly made of fabric and debris get stuck in the pores.

Plus it is not easy to wash them as they are glued to the floor. To clean these mats you can grab a vacuum cleaner and run through the carpet floor mats.

The vacuum will suck all the dirt and debris that is stuck in the fabric. This is the most suitable way to clean such types of floor mats.

How to Choose The Best Floor Mat?

You know how can you clean your floor mat, you have gone through the different types of floor mats, but how would you decide to choose the best floor mat for yourself?

Well, here are some factors and advice you should know before you choose a floor matt for yourself.

1- The Material of Floor Mats:

There are different types of floor mats in the market that are manufactured from different materials.

Some of the floor mats are made from fabrics, they are more of delicate kind of mats, mostly used indoors, the commercial floor mats are mostly rigid and built from plenty of tough materials.

You should know what sort of material is ideal for you, mostly rubber mats and carpet mats are used.

The longevity of your floor mats directly depends upon the materials it is manufactured from

2- The Protection it Provides:

Now you want to buy a floor matt for some sort of protection, don’t you want to know about what level of protection your floor mat provides?

There is plenty of option in the market to choose from, different types of floor mats provide a different level of protection.

The people who are looking for some commercial purposes require a higher level of protection, while residential purposes require protection from dirt and debris alone.

3- The Durability of Your Floor Mat:

You are going to buy a floor mat, you should be concerned about how long it can last?

The hard rubber floor mats usually last longer but such types of floor mats are mostly used for commercial purposes.

Some of the floor mats are not long-lasting, made from poor and cheap materials, these kind of floor mats are available at a much lower price, but we do not recommend you buy those types of floor mats as they are not durable and won’t protect your floors for a long duration. 

4- The Site Where you want to Install a Floor Mat:

You can not use the same type of floor mats on every site. Hence, you have to choose from different kinds of floor mats based on the site where you want to install them.

The fabric carpet mats can only be installed indoors and other rubber mats are mostly used for outdoors.

Other types of floor mats are specifically designed for athletes and you can mostly see them in gymnasiums or indoor courts.

Those floor mats are made from polycarbonate material that provides durability and protects the floor from abrasive damage by reducing the impact 

5- Purpose of Your Floor Mat:

This is an important factor in choosing the best floor mat for yourself. Why do you want to buy a floor mat? There are many types of floor mats that you can choose from based on your purpose of buying a floor mat.

Now, if you need a floor mat just to protect your house floor, simple carpet floor mats for your home would be enough, but if you have some commercial purposes you further get a bunch of different types of floor mats to choose from, like in a cooking industry your focus would be to buy a floor mat that prevents slipping, in an industry you want a floor mat that is durable and reduces impact, for athletes you want a floor mat that provides better grip and stability in moving.

We will advise you to explore your purpose of getting a floor mat and then choose from the different types of floor mats that you can get from the market.


At the end of the article, we hope you know which type of floor mats is best for you. You know your purpose and you have plenty of options out there in the market.

You can get a floor mat for car, home, factory, kitchen, but remember whatever you chose, you should know that you are getting the exact type of floor mat, which is made for your keen purpose to fulfill.

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