A Guide to Puzzle Floor Mats – What You Should Know

Puzzles can be an a fun and effective way to invest in your child’s early development.

Allowing children to assemble and deconstruct in a safe way is essential in developing visual sense, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. 

Muffik combines puzzles with floor mats offers a innovative method for exciting and secure play.

In this article, we will discuss five surprising benefits of a using a puzzle floor mat, and how your children can benefit.

What is a Puzzle Floor Mat?

A puzzle floor is an interactive type of floor mat that is made up of soft, yet durable materials to provide a comfortable play zone for your child.

Each puzzle piece is interchangeable and easy to connect. The different colors, sizes, and designs allow for the creation of infinite unique assortments.

Most products are created with intriguing surfaces that help capture the attention of young users.

Ways Your Child Can Benefit:

A well-designed play mat can be instrumental in childhood development. With the aid of different colors and materials, it’s easy to promote visual awareness, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination.

Guide your child through endless entertainment while supporting significant skills through exploration and play.

Keep reading for five benefits you may not be aware of.

1 – Orthopedic Qualities

Walking on atypical surfaces can be beneficial in so many ways. The stimulation wakes up and energizes tired feet. Doing this on a routine basis can also help prevent flat feet.

As we grow older, our feet grow more and more neglected. Walking on quirky surfaces helps children to identify importance of listening to their feet.

By walking on a textured floor, children (and adults!) are offered more support in their arches, ankles and legs.

Choosing an orthopedic flooring option is a wise investment in supporting developing and growing feet.

2 – Fine Motor Skills

When children play with a puzzle, they must first understand the task at hand. The large scale of this floor puzzle allows for an easy identification of what they must do.

Connecting the pieces helps enhance the coordination of small muscles. Children are encouraged to use their hands to solve a simple, and very visual problem. 

These intriguing and fun puzzles push children to use their fingers, hands and wrists. As they become more engaged, their muscles become more practiced.

The constant manipulation of the puzzle pieces will help children excel in other daily tasks and make life a little bit easier.

3 – Grounding and Comforting

Puzzle tiles are a great option for transforming a boring, unused space into a soothing one. Muffik puzzle floors are especially adept at this, as they replicate textures found in nature. What could be better than that?

The assortment of textures allows for children to satisfy sensory focused needs, and be calmed by the experience. Absorbing of all the different surfaces will center and refocus your child.

Creating a fun and enjoyable space is the first step to at-home comfort. But, having a floor that natures your feet is the foundation.

4 – Improve Balance

For children of any age, puzzle floors are the perfect way to improve balance.

The uneven surface of these floor mats offsets the even distribution of weight. Children are forced to re-evaluate and adjust to this new setting. It’s different from the flat surfaces they are often walking!

By mastering these surfaces, children will be motivated and open to conquering other tactile challenges.

5 – Foster Creativity

Unleash your child’s imagination with the endless possibilities of these floor puzzles.

Choosing from many color and texture options, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of a great game. There are no limits, create a puzzle as big or small as you wish!

Imagine the possibilities of an endless world of new surfaces. A forest floor, a beautiful meadow or even the soothing coast. Explore all these surfaces and more with Muffik!

A puzzle floor mat is easily changed and rearranged. Never feel forced into a permanent decision, children can change the pattern at any time.

Why We Love It!

There are tons of reasons to love a puzzle floor as much as us, but heres a few:  

Easy to Maintain:

Muffik tiles are made of sturdy and long-lasting material that is easy to clean! Spills, messes and accidents happen. All you need to do is add some soap and gently rinse.


It’s important to have a product that can sustain anything. Puzzle floor mats are a great alternative to carpet because of their indestructible nature.

Floor mats are pretty tough. They’re designed to be walked all over.

A Safe Alternative:

Muffik floor mats are completely safe to incorporate into your home. It is toxic-free and has no scent.

Puzzle floor mats are crafted so that children have a comfortable and playful experience without any harm.


Puzzle floors are incredibly versatile. They can be enjoyed by all ages, even adults!

These floors can be used as an engaging toy, activity or challenge. They also provide orthopedic support to growing feet.

Easily add to these floors by connecting more pieces, or take apart the design in seconds. It’s easy to move, clean and play with.

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We hope that we were able to provide you with helpful information. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We value your feedback!

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