How Healthy Feet Can Help You Achieve a Healthy Mind

Did you know that healthy feet can help you achieve a healthy mind and body? It can even help with insomnia. Read here to find out how the two correlate.

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Your feet were made for walking, but is that all they’re good for?

In fact, your feet impact not only your physical well-being but your mental health as well. If you’ve ever wondered what you can do to be more relaxed and how you can promote peaceful sleep, you probably haven’t considered taking better care of your feet. The state of your feet directly correlates with your mental health. Read on to learn how being proactive and having healthy feet can promote a healthy mind.

Healthy Feet, Healthy Sleep

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, you’ve probably tried counting sheep. But have you ever thought of cooling down your feet or giving yourself a foot massage?

The human body has certain specific neuroreceptors that promote mood improvement and relaxation when triggered. For example, when you struggle with insomnia, massaging pressure points at the heel of your foot can induce sleep.

This practice, known as reflexology, helps to release the feel-good hormone known as dopamine, allowing your brain to transition into a comfortable sleep. When you’re having trouble falling asleep, this trigger point in your foot is typically sore until it is massaged for a couple of minutes.

Healthy Feet, Healthy Mind

Did you know that there are over 200 thousand nerves in the sole of each human foot?

These nerves promote good mental health through physical strength and ability. For instance, strengthening your feet allows you to eliminate leg and back pain, which in turn makes it easier for you to walk long distances.

Studies show that walking promotes mental clarity and an overall improved mood. Walking is an activity suitable for any age, as long as your feet are healthy and strong.

In fact, walking with a group of friends or with your family can boost your happiness and promote mental stability for everyone involved. Therefore, it’s smart to focus on healthy feet for the youngest members of your family as well as yourself. For instance, you can use an orthopedic floor mat to help your kids’ feet develop in a naturally healthy way.

Sensory Stimulation for a Healthy Mind

Nothing leads to mental stability like a high level of confidence and a strong connection to your environment. Sensory stimulation can build that confidence and stability at any age. That said, sensory stimulation is most beneficial for small kids who are in their sensorimotor stage which occurs from infancy through toddlerhood.

The best way to engage your kids in sensory play is to practice grounding techniques that involve the whole family. For instance, use your natural environment to explore nature on a multisensory level. Also, you can simulate the natural environment with indoor games using intuitive floor mats and other fun tools.

Ready for Healthier Feet?

Now that you know your feet can pave a path to better mental health, what can you do to look after your whole family’s feet?

Playing with Ortho Puzzles and exploring their natural environment is a surefire way for kids to develop mental stability through physical strength. That said, our Ortho Puzzle floors offer health benefits and a fun pastime at any age. Let us help you bond with your family while strengthening your feet and sustaining a healthy mind. Learn more about our unique floor mats by contacting us today.

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