Why Sensory Stimulation Is Important for Foot Health

Sensory stimulation is important for foot health, especially in children. Read here to find out how sensory stimulation effects development.

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Over 40% of people prefer to walk around barefoot.

While walking around barefoot gets a reputation of being unsanitary or “gross,” it’s actually essential for sensory stimulation in children. What is sensory stimulation? Well, it’s when we activate more than one of our senses.

Activating a variety of senses is important for physical and cognitive development. So, what ways does sensory stimulation of the feet help a child’s development? Keep reading to learn more!

Why Sensory Stimulation Is Essential for Foot Health

Believe it or not, playing barefoot is actually an essential part of developing for children.

Here’s why:

Healthy Development for Feet

While we have to wear shoes when we go to restaurants, stores, and other public places, wearing shoes too much can actually have negative effects on the development of the feet.

This is why it’s important for children to be able to play without shoes often. Shoes offer support which keeps the feet from developing muscle naturally. When we exercise or play without shoes on, the muscles in the feet develop quicker.

Since the feet are having to support all of our weight as well as absorb the impact of jumps, playing barefoot is important for foot strength. It’s best to begin strengthening feet at as young of an age as possible.

For young children, playing with the support of a play mat is a great way to begin building this muscle. Sensory stimulation activities for children to perform barefoot can be dancing, jumping up and down, or balancing.

The best floor mats for kids are the Muffik Puzzle Floors. They are molded out of actual objects found in nature. They stimulate the feet in natural ways so that feet develop naturally. Watch their video to see the molds, from seashells to meadows, and from roots to walnuts, they are each a perfect work of art.

Developing the Brain

While sensory stimulation is important for the development of the feet, it’s important for the brain as well.

This is because when a child’s bare feet can feel the ground underneath them, the nerves are being stimulated more than if they were wearing shoes. When this happens, higher levels of neuro-activation are happening. 

Also, when we can feel the ground or a surface on our skin, we can learn more about that surface. For example, if a child walks on gravel, they’ll realize that the rocks hurt their feet. Or, if they walk on the pavement, they’ll begin to learn that it gets hot in the summer.

The more children feel the ground physically with their feet, the better they will understand the variety of surfaces they’re walking on. That’s why Muffik Puzzle Floors are molded from textures that occur in nature.

Better Posture While Walking

When we walk around barefoot, we gain a stronger understanding of our body’s composition.

This helps us realize how our body is behaving as we walk. When we understand what our body is naturally doing as we walk, we can form walking memories. These walking memories help us adjust to distribute our weight throughout the body evenly.

How Will You Increase Sensory Stimulation?

Sensory stimulation is vital for a child’s development.

This phenomenon helps children learn about their bodies and the world around them. Since our feet directly impact how we carry ourselves, it’s important that children experience sensory stimulation through the feet.

To get your Muffik Puzzle Floor for your child to play barefoot, reach out to us today!

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