Activities for Children and Parents

Have you ever wondered about the activities children and parents can enjoy together? Read here to find out, and to learn why Muffik is the best option.

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You finally have an afternoon with your child, and you’re racking your brain for how you should spend your time together.

If you’re tired of doing the same activities and you want to do something that will entertain your child, there are plenty of great options.

Keep reading to learn some ideas for activities geared toward children and parents!

Activities that Children and Parents Can Do Together

Plenty of time for play is essential to children, which is why it’s important for parents to play with their kids.

This creates an opportunity to spend quality time together. Here are some activities that parents and children can do together:


Do you love to cook?

If so, get your children involved. Even if they’re young, there are always small ways they can help out. Whether you ask them to grab ingredients out of the cupboard, help you mix, or help you measure, getting children involved in cooking is a great way to spend time together.

Not only is cooking a fun activity, but it also helps children learn science and math skills. They can learn how to count by helping you count out the ingredients. Also, they can learn about what will happen when you combine certain ingredients.

Complete an Act of Kindness Together

Children love to help others.

Whether it’s helping you around the house or doing a charitable deed, children love the feeling of making others happy. So, to foster this natural desire, volunteer for an event with your child!

Nothing improves the relationship between parents and children quite like helping other people together. Consider holding a bake sale to raise funds for a great cause or volunteer to help at a community event.

You could even spend an afternoon drawing pictures or making cards together to give to essential workers or residents of an elderly care facility.

Build a Fort Together

Grab all the pillows, blankets, and sheets in your home and to create a makeshift fort.

Use your Muffik Puzzle Floor tiles to place under the fort for extra padding. Have a movie marathon in the fort, read a book, or if you’re feeling extra spontaneous, spend the night in it! Kids will love putting the fort together because it allows them to feel creative.

Plus, having some time with their mom or dad in the fort will make them feel special. 

Make up a Game

If you’re running out of options, try making up a game. Muffik Puzzle Floor encourages imagination, communication and the possibilities of games is endless! Check out their youtube channel to see some games and get some ideas now.

Children are great at making up games since they have such vivid imaginations. Let them make the rules, teach you the rules, and take care of anything that needs to be set up for the game. Follow along with the game and actively ask questions to better understand the game.

Are You Ready To Spend Quality Time With Your Child?

The time spent between children and parents is going to impact the relationship the parent and child have in the future.

Because of this, finding ways to spend quality time together is essential. To get your Muffik play mat, call us today!

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