3 Grounding Techniques You Can Do With Kids

Adults and children alike can benefit from grounding techniques, especially when they’re done outdoors. Read here for 3 grounding techniques.

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Confidence. Security. Strength.

These are all feelings associated with being grounded. When you feel stable and connected to the earth, you’re often happier, more energetic, and focused.

Children are no different. They thrive on routine, schedule, and familiarity. This is why grounding techniques and earthing are vital parts of your child’s growth and development.

If you’re unfamiliar with grounding techniques for kids, we’re here to help. Come with us as we discuss what earthing is and offer 3 simple grounding techniques that you can do at home — rain or shine!

What is Grounding?

Grounding, or earthing, describes exercises or routines that help calm nerves, ease anxiety, and help you feel more connected to the Earth. It involves direct contact with the Earth’s surface. The magic of grounding involves an exchange of electrons from your body to the earth, proven to cause balance within the body. 

Things like walking barefoot on the grass or sand, hiking in the woods, or even sitting on a park bench can all help you feel connected to nature. Contact between humans and Earth transfers energy from the ground into your body — and with it, countless physical and mental benefits.

Many of us live in climates where we cannot keep our feet conditioned for grounding. Our Ortho Puzzle Floor is a clean, fun solution to stimulate our feet and keep them tough for our next grounding adventure!

3 Grounding Techniques for Kids

As parents, we often forget that our children are dealing with their own stress, emotions, and worries. While 14% of adults incorporate some form of meditation in their daily routines, what about the mental health of your children?

Earthing offers both mental and physical benefits for kids. Here are 3 fun and creative ways to incorporate grounding into your daily routine. 

Pretend You’re a Tree

This grounding technique promotes strength, stability, and confidence. It’s also fun to do both outdoors or inside on a rainy day.

Have the child stand tall, close their eyes, and focus on a single image in their mind. As they stand, encourage them to pretend their feet are the roots of a tree. They can flex and curl their toes, bend their knees slightly, and stretch all the muscles in their lower body as they become grounded into the floor (Earth). 

This exercise promotes feelings of stability. Your child will feel firm and solid like the roots of a tree. Take this activity outdoors whenever possible.

If not, choose a sturdy, comfortable surface indoors where your child can perform this grounding technique. Our puzzle floor mats offer support and cushion for exercises such as this. They also promote strength in the feet and legs, keeping them conditioned for traditional ground techniques. 


Sometimes, simply breathing is enough to help calm a child’s mind and body. If you’ve ever told an anxious or upset child to “take deep breaths”, you know this grounding technique works.

When possible, take your child outside and have them lay down, flat on their backs, on a comfortable surface. Grass or sand is perfect for this and helps them feel closer to the Earth.

Ask the child to close their eyes and imagine a small dot on their forehead. As they breathe in, the dot grows larger. As they exhale, it returns to its original size.

Let the child feel the grass or Earth around them as they repeat this exercise until they’re in a happy and relaxed state. 

Create a Grounding Toolkit

Every child is unique with unique worries and needs. Help your child create a grounding toolkit with all of their favorite items. 

Stress balls, photographs, sometimes a blanket or favorite teddy bear, and other calm-inducing items are all beneficial when a child is feeling anxious or upset. Muffik Ortho Puzzle Floors are an essential item for our grounding practices every day, regardless of the weather!

Grounding Techniques Aren’t Just for Adults

It’s no real surprise that kids can greatly benefit from earthing and grounding techniques. After all, they live in their own stressful world, the too experience uncertainty and worry.

As parents and educators, it’s our job to help provide our children with the tools they need to succeed. Practicing these grounding techniques with your children now lays the groundwork for their transition into strong and confident adults. It is imperative that we “put tools in the toolbox” for our children to better approach uncertainty and worry. Learning emotional management skills early is important, and it is our responsibility to teach them.

Our mission at Muffik is to help children grow and develop physically, mentally and emotionally. Contact us for more information on our products and how they support your child’s success or shop our products at muffik.cobyandbam.com.

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