Welcome to Muffik Puzzle Floor

As Christmas season inches closer once again, adults are now searching for the perfect gifts for kids. Nowadays, parents and wards look for function over style. Sensory store Coby & Bam look to introduce an innovative product for kids that offer a high functionality level: the Muffik Ortho Puzzle Floor.

The Muffik Puzzle Floor is a new and upcoming innovative solution that helps rehabilitate flat-footedness in kids. Flat concrete surfaces were never the natural surface for the human foot. As feet get accustomed to unnatural surfaces over time, it can result in flat feet, a condition where the foot’s bottom loses its natural arch. While often painless, flat-footed people are usually more prone to ankle and knee problems due to alignment issues. Experts highly recommend early treatment and rehabilitation, but getting kids to cooperate can often be a challenge.

As the proverb states:  Necessity is the mother of invention. 

After years of working in a pediatric gym that Radim developed a team of experts in their field to help develop Muffik puzzle floor tiles.  Radim had noticed a growing pattern of poor coordination in the children he was treating, which extensive research revealed was related to the universal problem of flat feet.  Perceiving this need for a better foot rehabilitation solution for kids, he spent years developing the puzzle floor idea. He started the project to improve his children’s strength, balance, and stability.

Radim developed a team of experts from the medical, child development, and flooring production fields to specifically design tiles that would be the most beneficial to children.  It was then that Radim worked with Igor, an elite floormat production specialist, who loved the idea of these mats.  Igor’s Russian production facility is the best in the world.

Igor recognized that as adults, we live in cities, going from building to building, flat floor to flat floor.  We are no longer the child we once were, experiencing the world through touch.  We forget the ways of our childhood where outside was our playland, before the days of big cities, modernization and technology.  Igor reminisces about running on the stones by the river, through the forests with nature under his feet.  Stepping on freshly cut grass, and jumping between logs in the creek. 

Spanning 3 continents in design and engineering, and with the help of the University of Ostrava and modern technology, Muffik puzzle piece tiles were born!  These tiles are molded from actual pieces of the natural environment, to allow you to create the wonder (and benefit!) of mother nature in your home.  These tiles have become household favorites, and are now sold in over 20 countries around the world. 

And now, at long last, they’re coming to the United States!  Igor met Jeff while researching the US market.  Jeff operates Coby & Bam, a company specializing in sensory and educational toys for children.  Besides operating Coby & Bam, Jeff is a father to four boys (aged 14 to 2), his youngest with sensory sensitivities.  After being sent a set of tiles and introducing them to his own family and seeing the response from his own children, Jeff became passionate about the tiles and began working hard with Igor and Radim to bring them to the United States. 

These tiles are so versatile!  They are interlocking, and shaped like a puzzle piece, allowing your children to use their imagination!  Create a trail, a path, a maze… the possibilities are endless! 

Besides being beneficial to balance, core strength, and coordination, these tiles promote creative play, parent-child interaction, sensory stimulation, and gross and fine motor development.  Create a beach in your child’s bedroom, with seashell and riverstone tiles.  Create a forest in the hallway, with the sticks, pinecones, and roots tiles.  Make an obstacle course, a sensory mat or a play corner with a little touch of mother nature.  Help your children experience their world through touch, all while promoting health, fun and overall wellness. 

The revolutionary product from Muffik has done more than help prevent and correct flat feet. The innovation is also an excellent solution for improving foot and leg strength, posture, balance, back pains, and hip and leg problems. The product is a staple in various physical therapy and medical centers all over the world.

Today, the company behind the innovative solution looks to ramp up operations as the demand has surpassed its current manufacturing capacity. The company Coby & Bam hopes to save as many kids as possible from the hassle and complications that flat feet bring. By introducing the product in the United States, they look to create a dent in the medical industry by introducing Muffik and, hopefully, many more innovations to treat today’s prevailing physiological problems.

To learn more about Coby & Bam and the Muffik Orthopedic Puzzle Floor, check out their website at muffik.cobyandbam.com. Follow their blog at Muffik.blog. Reach out by telephone at (518) 381 – 0522. 

You can preorder one of the hottest gifts of 2020 starting September 28. Muffik will have a full product launch on November 1. Stay tuned for their Ultimate Toy Sweepstakes, where they are giving away hundreds of dollars of the World’s Coolest Toys!

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    1. Hey there! Our Puzzle Floor is available at cobyandbam.com. Today (12/7) we have a Buy One Get One sale going on. Add two items to your cart and the discount is automatically applied with no coupon code.


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