7 Ways going Barefoot Soothes the Sole (..and the rest of you too!)

1. Improves Strength and Stability: Strengthens the core muscles, legs and feet, creating a wider range of motion and improved stability and balance.

2. A better night sleep: A walk in nature will help set your circadian rhythm. Experts say that those who suffer from a sleeping disorder can rediscover their sleep if they occasionally walk barefoot on grass.

3. Grounding: You may find that walking barefoot on moist grass or along a sandy path immediately produces a sense of well-being. This contact, known as earthing, can trigger significant health benefits. These benefits include relieving muscle tension, headaches and lowering blood pressure. The challenge for many of us then becomes how to get all the health benefits of walking barefoot in nature in our busy, urban environments. Taking advantage of local green spaces, hiking trails and incorporating nature emulating, therapeutic floor tiles, such as Muffik Puzzle Floors into your home can help you achieve the benefits of grounding with nature.

4. Happiness!: Walking barefoot has been shown to positively impact mental health, lowering depression and decreasing anxiety.

5. Child Development: Studies suggest that when children are barefoot, it allows a development of higher brain centers, which allows for better problem-solving skills, language skills, social skills, regulation of emotions and confidence. As well as ensuring you have time to connect to nature, it’s just as important that our children have that opportunity! Spending time in your local green spaces and parks, as well as products such as Muffik Floor mats for kids can help children gain strength, control and confidence (available at cobyandbam.com).

6. Sensory Play: Shown to positively effect the health of all children, but of particular benefit to those with autism, orthopedic and sensory sensitivities. Allowing your child to walk barefoot in a safe environment is one of the best and most cost-effective forms of sensory play!

7. Improved Posture: Shoes, designed to support out feet and arches can allow muscles in our feet to weaken. Walking barefoot strengthens muscles, ligaments and joints that are otherwise underused helping to improve posture and return our natural gait.

Types of Floor Mats: A Definitive Guide

You have to walk on your floor throughout the day, don’t you think it needs something to cover up to that will reduce your maintenance expenses?

Indeed, you need one, and what could be better than a floor mat. As you know there are different types of floor mats in the market and you have plenty of options to choose from. 

What Are Floor Mats?

Before you head toward buying floor mats for home or commercial purposes, you might want to know what is a floor mat?

Well, the floor mat is specified covering that you can spread over your floors to prevent any abrasive damage and you can limit your renovation costs.

Floor mats are not limited to your homes just, you can even use floor mats for cars to protect your car floors.

Types of Floor Mats on the Market:

In this definitive guide of floor mats, we must provide you the best information about floor mats.

That is why we have enlisted different types of floor mats that are available in the market and ready to fulfill your purpose of floor mats.

1- Anti-fatigue Floor Mats:

This type of mats is designed for releasing the tension from legs and backs. They also help support the lower back and are nicer on sore feet.

If you own a business these mats can give your employees some relaxation in their work and they can perform better, this way these floor mats might prove a huge plus for your business.

A great option for fun at-home orthopedic support is the Muffik puzzle floor. It provides support for flat feet and is great for all ages.


  • For the assembly line in a factory.
  • Hosts of shows.
  • Cashiers at superstores.

2- Floor Mats for Wet Areas:

If you own a restaurant or a swimming pool these floor mats are for you, this type of floor mats is used in the wet places, where people might slip.

In the kitchens most of the people can have accidents related to water or other fluids, they might get a slip and get hurt, but with these mats that would not be the case anymore.

These mats are durable and won’t get destroyed by water, rather they make life much easier.


  • In front of coolers in public or restaurants
  • Chefs station at a restaurant.
  • Ramps those lead to your store
  • Behind the bar counters

3- Industrial Floor Mats:

These floor mats are specifically designed for doing more than the floor mats of your stores and restaurants.

Although these are commercial mats as well but here is the catch these floor mats are designed for heavy work.

This type of floor mats is mostly used in factories and you do not have to worry about the flooring with your heavy equipment.

They are installed in the factories to significantly reduce the impact caused by heavy industrial goods.

Now, you know about the mats that can be used in your factory! You do not have to look for floor mats for factories anymore.


  • Heavy industry areas.
  • Near pieces of machinery.
  • Loading and unloading rooms.
  • Around the control panels.

4- Customizable Floor Mats:

Most of the people want to have a floor mat with some specific designs. If you are one of them, this type of floor mats is for you.

Customizable floor mats are taking a new trend in the market. some people like to have some specific designs, color combinations, and monograms printed on their floor mats.

If you are very picky about the things you buy then you can also have a floor mat manufactured only by your instructions.

The best part is, you can have these floor mats in every quality and material you want.

You will be in charge, the only drawback is that these floor mats are a little expensive than the regular ones, but if you are not getting what you want, you can always have this type of floor mats.


  • Can be used according to your purposes, you have to get it built with the desired materials, which fulfill your requirements.

5- Carpet Floor Mats:

You might not believe it, but these are the most used type of floor mats.

Most people use these carpet mats to protect their floorings from any abrasive damage, these floor mats are mostly used in houses.

Carpet floor mats are mostly produced in fabrics and only used indoors.

If you are looking for a floor mat for home, we recommend you try carpet floor mats they will not only protect your flooring but they make them look quite elegant and comfortable to walk.


  • In bedrooms and living rooms.
  • On the stairs.

6- Entrance Floor Mats:

These are the most common floor mats, you would come across. You might have seen them around everywhere.

These come in very pretty designs and are mostly placed on the entrance of offices, homes, restaurants, etc.

They prevent most of the debris and dust to stay away from the floorings that people might walk in with.

If you are dealing with something like that already you have to get this type of floor mats.


  • The entrance of pretty much everything.

How To Clean Your Floor Mats:

We know these floor mats cover your floor and keep it clean, but your floor mats can get dirty as well and you have to clean them.

Now, there are different types of floor mats in your house and your car. For these kinds of floor mats, you have to take different approaches to clean them.

1- How can you clean your rubber floor mats?

You might be using a rubber floor matt to cover your floor. These rubber mats can be a great addition to your floor protection, but because of dirt and sanitary problems, you have to clean your rubber mats.

To proceed, you can always grab a detergent or soapy water and clean your mat with the help of a brush, you have to mix your soap or detergent with the warm water, and with the help of a hard brush, you can scrub your way around the mat.

Make sure you always go through the textures and designs if you have a textured mat.

we recommend you clean your mats more gradually because dirty rubber mat can promote bacterial growth that can be a cause of many diseases.

2- How can you clean the car floor mats? 

Car floor mats are quite necessary to use for your car. They won’t make your car floor dirty and your car floors will not rust any time soon.

But the same applies here, your dirty car floor mats can cause fungal and bacterial growth that can cause an unhygienic environment. So, you have to clean your car floor mats.

Now, there are different manufactured materials for different types of floor mats for cars and you have to take a different approach for different materials, but the basic idea is the same.

You have to pull your car mats out of your car. If you have fabric car mats you can simply use water mixed with soap to rinse it well and until it gets clean.

If you have rubber car floor mats it is better to use a brush to cleanse it through the texture.

3- How can you clean your carpet floor mats?

As you know there are different types of floor mats and carpet mats are quite popular. These mats are mostly used in our living room and bedroom.

These types of floor mats can get dirty quite easily, they are mostly made of fabric and debris get stuck in the pores.

Plus it is not easy to wash them as they are glued to the floor. To clean these mats you can grab a vacuum cleaner and run through the carpet floor mats.

The vacuum will suck all the dirt and debris that is stuck in the fabric. This is the most suitable way to clean such types of floor mats.

How to Choose The Best Floor Mat?

You know how can you clean your floor mat, you have gone through the different types of floor mats, but how would you decide to choose the best floor mat for yourself?

Well, here are some factors and advice you should know before you choose a floor matt for yourself.

1- The Material of Floor Mats:

There are different types of floor mats in the market that are manufactured from different materials.

Some of the floor mats are made from fabrics, they are more of delicate kind of mats, mostly used indoors, the commercial floor mats are mostly rigid and built from plenty of tough materials.

You should know what sort of material is ideal for you, mostly rubber mats and carpet mats are used.

The longevity of your floor mats directly depends upon the materials it is manufactured from

2- The Protection it Provides:

Now you want to buy a floor matt for some sort of protection, don’t you want to know about what level of protection your floor mat provides?

There is plenty of option in the market to choose from, different types of floor mats provide a different level of protection.

The people who are looking for some commercial purposes require a higher level of protection, while residential purposes require protection from dirt and debris alone.

3- The Durability of Your Floor Mat:

You are going to buy a floor mat, you should be concerned about how long it can last?

The hard rubber floor mats usually last longer but such types of floor mats are mostly used for commercial purposes.

Some of the floor mats are not long-lasting, made from poor and cheap materials, these kind of floor mats are available at a much lower price, but we do not recommend you buy those types of floor mats as they are not durable and won’t protect your floors for a long duration. 

4- The Site Where you want to Install a Floor Mat:

You can not use the same type of floor mats on every site. Hence, you have to choose from different kinds of floor mats based on the site where you want to install them.

The fabric carpet mats can only be installed indoors and other rubber mats are mostly used for outdoors.

Other types of floor mats are specifically designed for athletes and you can mostly see them in gymnasiums or indoor courts.

Those floor mats are made from polycarbonate material that provides durability and protects the floor from abrasive damage by reducing the impact 

5- Purpose of Your Floor Mat:

This is an important factor in choosing the best floor mat for yourself. Why do you want to buy a floor mat? There are many types of floor mats that you can choose from based on your purpose of buying a floor mat.

Now, if you need a floor mat just to protect your house floor, simple carpet floor mats for your home would be enough, but if you have some commercial purposes you further get a bunch of different types of floor mats to choose from, like in a cooking industry your focus would be to buy a floor mat that prevents slipping, in an industry you want a floor mat that is durable and reduces impact, for athletes you want a floor mat that provides better grip and stability in moving.

We will advise you to explore your purpose of getting a floor mat and then choose from the different types of floor mats that you can get from the market.


At the end of the article, we hope you know which type of floor mats is best for you. You know your purpose and you have plenty of options out there in the market.

You can get a floor mat for car, home, factory, kitchen, but remember whatever you chose, you should know that you are getting the exact type of floor mat, which is made for your keen purpose to fulfill.

A Guide to Puzzle Floor Mats – What You Should Know

Puzzles can be an a fun and effective way to invest in your child’s early development.

Allowing children to assemble and deconstruct in a safe way is essential in developing visual sense, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. 

Muffik combines puzzles with floor mats offers a innovative method for exciting and secure play.

In this article, we will discuss five surprising benefits of a using a puzzle floor mat, and how your children can benefit.

What is a Puzzle Floor Mat?

A puzzle floor is an interactive type of floor mat that is made up of soft, yet durable materials to provide a comfortable play zone for your child.

Each puzzle piece is interchangeable and easy to connect. The different colors, sizes, and designs allow for the creation of infinite unique assortments.

Most products are created with intriguing surfaces that help capture the attention of young users.

Ways Your Child Can Benefit:

A well-designed play mat can be instrumental in childhood development. With the aid of different colors and materials, it’s easy to promote visual awareness, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination.

Guide your child through endless entertainment while supporting significant skills through exploration and play.

Keep reading for five benefits you may not be aware of.

1 – Orthopedic Qualities

Walking on atypical surfaces can be beneficial in so many ways. The stimulation wakes up and energizes tired feet. Doing this on a routine basis can also help prevent flat feet.

As we grow older, our feet grow more and more neglected. Walking on quirky surfaces helps children to identify importance of listening to their feet.

By walking on a textured floor, children (and adults!) are offered more support in their arches, ankles and legs.

Choosing an orthopedic flooring option is a wise investment in supporting developing and growing feet.

2 – Fine Motor Skills

When children play with a puzzle, they must first understand the task at hand. The large scale of this floor puzzle allows for an easy identification of what they must do.

Connecting the pieces helps enhance the coordination of small muscles. Children are encouraged to use their hands to solve a simple, and very visual problem. 

These intriguing and fun puzzles push children to use their fingers, hands and wrists. As they become more engaged, their muscles become more practiced.

The constant manipulation of the puzzle pieces will help children excel in other daily tasks and make life a little bit easier.

3 – Grounding and Comforting

Puzzle tiles are a great option for transforming a boring, unused space into a soothing one. Muffik puzzle floors are especially adept at this, as they replicate textures found in nature. What could be better than that?

The assortment of textures allows for children to satisfy sensory focused needs, and be calmed by the experience. Absorbing of all the different surfaces will center and refocus your child.

Creating a fun and enjoyable space is the first step to at-home comfort. But, having a floor that natures your feet is the foundation.

4 – Improve Balance

For children of any age, puzzle floors are the perfect way to improve balance.

The uneven surface of these floor mats offsets the even distribution of weight. Children are forced to re-evaluate and adjust to this new setting. It’s different from the flat surfaces they are often walking!

By mastering these surfaces, children will be motivated and open to conquering other tactile challenges.

5 – Foster Creativity

Unleash your child’s imagination with the endless possibilities of these floor puzzles.

Choosing from many color and texture options, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of a great game. There are no limits, create a puzzle as big or small as you wish!

Imagine the possibilities of an endless world of new surfaces. A forest floor, a beautiful meadow or even the soothing coast. Explore all these surfaces and more with Muffik!

A puzzle floor mat is easily changed and rearranged. Never feel forced into a permanent decision, children can change the pattern at any time.

Why We Love It!

There are tons of reasons to love a puzzle floor as much as us, but heres a few:  

Easy to Maintain:

Muffik tiles are made of sturdy and long-lasting material that is easy to clean! Spills, messes and accidents happen. All you need to do is add some soap and gently rinse.


It’s important to have a product that can sustain anything. Puzzle floor mats are a great alternative to carpet because of their indestructible nature.

Floor mats are pretty tough. They’re designed to be walked all over.

A Safe Alternative:

Muffik floor mats are completely safe to incorporate into your home. It is toxic-free and has no scent.

Puzzle floor mats are crafted so that children have a comfortable and playful experience without any harm.


Puzzle floors are incredibly versatile. They can be enjoyed by all ages, even adults!

These floors can be used as an engaging toy, activity or challenge. They also provide orthopedic support to growing feet.

Easily add to these floors by connecting more pieces, or take apart the design in seconds. It’s easy to move, clean and play with.

Click Here to Shop the Best Puzzle Floor Mat!

We hope that we were able to provide you with helpful information. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We value your feedback!

How Healthy Feet Can Help You Achieve a Healthy Mind

Did you know that healthy feet can help you achieve a healthy mind and body? It can even help with insomnia. Read here to find out how the two correlate.

Keyword(s): healthy mind

Your feet were made for walking, but is that all they’re good for?

In fact, your feet impact not only your physical well-being but your mental health as well. If you’ve ever wondered what you can do to be more relaxed and how you can promote peaceful sleep, you probably haven’t considered taking better care of your feet. The state of your feet directly correlates with your mental health. Read on to learn how being proactive and having healthy feet can promote a healthy mind.

Healthy Feet, Healthy Sleep

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, you’ve probably tried counting sheep. But have you ever thought of cooling down your feet or giving yourself a foot massage?

The human body has certain specific neuroreceptors that promote mood improvement and relaxation when triggered. For example, when you struggle with insomnia, massaging pressure points at the heel of your foot can induce sleep.

This practice, known as reflexology, helps to release the feel-good hormone known as dopamine, allowing your brain to transition into a comfortable sleep. When you’re having trouble falling asleep, this trigger point in your foot is typically sore until it is massaged for a couple of minutes.

Healthy Feet, Healthy Mind

Did you know that there are over 200 thousand nerves in the sole of each human foot?

These nerves promote good mental health through physical strength and ability. For instance, strengthening your feet allows you to eliminate leg and back pain, which in turn makes it easier for you to walk long distances.

Studies show that walking promotes mental clarity and an overall improved mood. Walking is an activity suitable for any age, as long as your feet are healthy and strong.

In fact, walking with a group of friends or with your family can boost your happiness and promote mental stability for everyone involved. Therefore, it’s smart to focus on healthy feet for the youngest members of your family as well as yourself. For instance, you can use an orthopedic floor mat to help your kids’ feet develop in a naturally healthy way.

Sensory Stimulation for a Healthy Mind

Nothing leads to mental stability like a high level of confidence and a strong connection to your environment. Sensory stimulation can build that confidence and stability at any age. That said, sensory stimulation is most beneficial for small kids who are in their sensorimotor stage which occurs from infancy through toddlerhood.

The best way to engage your kids in sensory play is to practice grounding techniques that involve the whole family. For instance, use your natural environment to explore nature on a multisensory level. Also, you can simulate the natural environment with indoor games using intuitive floor mats and other fun tools.

Ready for Healthier Feet?

Now that you know your feet can pave a path to better mental health, what can you do to look after your whole family’s feet?

Playing with Ortho Puzzles and exploring their natural environment is a surefire way for kids to develop mental stability through physical strength. That said, our Ortho Puzzle floors offer health benefits and a fun pastime at any age. Let us help you bond with your family while strengthening your feet and sustaining a healthy mind. Learn more about our unique floor mats by contacting us today.

Why Sensory Stimulation Is Important for Foot Health

Sensory stimulation is important for foot health, especially in children. Read here to find out how sensory stimulation effects development.

Keyword(s): sensory stimulation

Over 40% of people prefer to walk around barefoot.

While walking around barefoot gets a reputation of being unsanitary or “gross,” it’s actually essential for sensory stimulation in children. What is sensory stimulation? Well, it’s when we activate more than one of our senses.

Activating a variety of senses is important for physical and cognitive development. So, what ways does sensory stimulation of the feet help a child’s development? Keep reading to learn more!

Why Sensory Stimulation Is Essential for Foot Health

Believe it or not, playing barefoot is actually an essential part of developing for children.

Here’s why:

Healthy Development for Feet

While we have to wear shoes when we go to restaurants, stores, and other public places, wearing shoes too much can actually have negative effects on the development of the feet.

This is why it’s important for children to be able to play without shoes often. Shoes offer support which keeps the feet from developing muscle naturally. When we exercise or play without shoes on, the muscles in the feet develop quicker.

Since the feet are having to support all of our weight as well as absorb the impact of jumps, playing barefoot is important for foot strength. It’s best to begin strengthening feet at as young of an age as possible.

For young children, playing with the support of a play mat is a great way to begin building this muscle. Sensory stimulation activities for children to perform barefoot can be dancing, jumping up and down, or balancing.

The best floor mats for kids are the Muffik Puzzle Floors. They are molded out of actual objects found in nature. They stimulate the feet in natural ways so that feet develop naturally. Watch their video to see the molds, from seashells to meadows, and from roots to walnuts, they are each a perfect work of art.

Developing the Brain

While sensory stimulation is important for the development of the feet, it’s important for the brain as well.

This is because when a child’s bare feet can feel the ground underneath them, the nerves are being stimulated more than if they were wearing shoes. When this happens, higher levels of neuro-activation are happening. 

Also, when we can feel the ground or a surface on our skin, we can learn more about that surface. For example, if a child walks on gravel, they’ll realize that the rocks hurt their feet. Or, if they walk on the pavement, they’ll begin to learn that it gets hot in the summer.

The more children feel the ground physically with their feet, the better they will understand the variety of surfaces they’re walking on. That’s why Muffik Puzzle Floors are molded from textures that occur in nature.

Better Posture While Walking

When we walk around barefoot, we gain a stronger understanding of our body’s composition.

This helps us realize how our body is behaving as we walk. When we understand what our body is naturally doing as we walk, we can form walking memories. These walking memories help us adjust to distribute our weight throughout the body evenly.

How Will You Increase Sensory Stimulation?

Sensory stimulation is vital for a child’s development.

This phenomenon helps children learn about their bodies and the world around them. Since our feet directly impact how we carry ourselves, it’s important that children experience sensory stimulation through the feet.

To get your Muffik Puzzle Floor for your child to play barefoot, reach out to us today!

Activities for Children and Parents

Have you ever wondered about the activities children and parents can enjoy together? Read here to find out, and to learn why Muffik is the best option.

Keyword(s): children and parents

You finally have an afternoon with your child, and you’re racking your brain for how you should spend your time together.

If you’re tired of doing the same activities and you want to do something that will entertain your child, there are plenty of great options.

Keep reading to learn some ideas for activities geared toward children and parents!

Activities that Children and Parents Can Do Together

Plenty of time for play is essential to children, which is why it’s important for parents to play with their kids.

This creates an opportunity to spend quality time together. Here are some activities that parents and children can do together:


Do you love to cook?

If so, get your children involved. Even if they’re young, there are always small ways they can help out. Whether you ask them to grab ingredients out of the cupboard, help you mix, or help you measure, getting children involved in cooking is a great way to spend time together.

Not only is cooking a fun activity, but it also helps children learn science and math skills. They can learn how to count by helping you count out the ingredients. Also, they can learn about what will happen when you combine certain ingredients.

Complete an Act of Kindness Together

Children love to help others.

Whether it’s helping you around the house or doing a charitable deed, children love the feeling of making others happy. So, to foster this natural desire, volunteer for an event with your child!

Nothing improves the relationship between parents and children quite like helping other people together. Consider holding a bake sale to raise funds for a great cause or volunteer to help at a community event.

You could even spend an afternoon drawing pictures or making cards together to give to essential workers or residents of an elderly care facility.

Build a Fort Together

Grab all the pillows, blankets, and sheets in your home and to create a makeshift fort.

Use your Muffik Puzzle Floor tiles to place under the fort for extra padding. Have a movie marathon in the fort, read a book, or if you’re feeling extra spontaneous, spend the night in it! Kids will love putting the fort together because it allows them to feel creative.

Plus, having some time with their mom or dad in the fort will make them feel special. 

Make up a Game

If you’re running out of options, try making up a game. Muffik Puzzle Floor encourages imagination, communication and the possibilities of games is endless! Check out their youtube channel to see some games and get some ideas now.

Children are great at making up games since they have such vivid imaginations. Let them make the rules, teach you the rules, and take care of anything that needs to be set up for the game. Follow along with the game and actively ask questions to better understand the game.

Are You Ready To Spend Quality Time With Your Child?

The time spent between children and parents is going to impact the relationship the parent and child have in the future.

Because of this, finding ways to spend quality time together is essential. To get your Muffik play mat, call us today!

3 Grounding Techniques You Can Do With Kids

Adults and children alike can benefit from grounding techniques, especially when they’re done outdoors. Read here for 3 grounding techniques.

Keyword(s): grounding techniques

Confidence. Security. Strength.

These are all feelings associated with being grounded. When you feel stable and connected to the earth, you’re often happier, more energetic, and focused.

Children are no different. They thrive on routine, schedule, and familiarity. This is why grounding techniques and earthing are vital parts of your child’s growth and development.

If you’re unfamiliar with grounding techniques for kids, we’re here to help. Come with us as we discuss what earthing is and offer 3 simple grounding techniques that you can do at home — rain or shine!

What is Grounding?

Grounding, or earthing, describes exercises or routines that help calm nerves, ease anxiety, and help you feel more connected to the Earth. It involves direct contact with the Earth’s surface. The magic of grounding involves an exchange of electrons from your body to the earth, proven to cause balance within the body. 

Things like walking barefoot on the grass or sand, hiking in the woods, or even sitting on a park bench can all help you feel connected to nature. Contact between humans and Earth transfers energy from the ground into your body — and with it, countless physical and mental benefits.

Many of us live in climates where we cannot keep our feet conditioned for grounding. Our Ortho Puzzle Floor is a clean, fun solution to stimulate our feet and keep them tough for our next grounding adventure!

3 Grounding Techniques for Kids

As parents, we often forget that our children are dealing with their own stress, emotions, and worries. While 14% of adults incorporate some form of meditation in their daily routines, what about the mental health of your children?

Earthing offers both mental and physical benefits for kids. Here are 3 fun and creative ways to incorporate grounding into your daily routine. 

Pretend You’re a Tree

This grounding technique promotes strength, stability, and confidence. It’s also fun to do both outdoors or inside on a rainy day.

Have the child stand tall, close their eyes, and focus on a single image in their mind. As they stand, encourage them to pretend their feet are the roots of a tree. They can flex and curl their toes, bend their knees slightly, and stretch all the muscles in their lower body as they become grounded into the floor (Earth). 

This exercise promotes feelings of stability. Your child will feel firm and solid like the roots of a tree. Take this activity outdoors whenever possible.

If not, choose a sturdy, comfortable surface indoors where your child can perform this grounding technique. Our puzzle floor mats offer support and cushion for exercises such as this. They also promote strength in the feet and legs, keeping them conditioned for traditional ground techniques. 


Sometimes, simply breathing is enough to help calm a child’s mind and body. If you’ve ever told an anxious or upset child to “take deep breaths”, you know this grounding technique works.

When possible, take your child outside and have them lay down, flat on their backs, on a comfortable surface. Grass or sand is perfect for this and helps them feel closer to the Earth.

Ask the child to close their eyes and imagine a small dot on their forehead. As they breathe in, the dot grows larger. As they exhale, it returns to its original size.

Let the child feel the grass or Earth around them as they repeat this exercise until they’re in a happy and relaxed state. 

Create a Grounding Toolkit

Every child is unique with unique worries and needs. Help your child create a grounding toolkit with all of their favorite items. 

Stress balls, photographs, sometimes a blanket or favorite teddy bear, and other calm-inducing items are all beneficial when a child is feeling anxious or upset. Muffik Ortho Puzzle Floors are an essential item for our grounding practices every day, regardless of the weather!

Grounding Techniques Aren’t Just for Adults

It’s no real surprise that kids can greatly benefit from earthing and grounding techniques. After all, they live in their own stressful world, the too experience uncertainty and worry.

As parents and educators, it’s our job to help provide our children with the tools they need to succeed. Practicing these grounding techniques with your children now lays the groundwork for their transition into strong and confident adults. It is imperative that we “put tools in the toolbox” for our children to better approach uncertainty and worry. Learning emotional management skills early is important, and it is our responsibility to teach them.

Our mission at Muffik is to help children grow and develop physically, mentally and emotionally. Contact us for more information on our products and how they support your child’s success or shop our products at muffik.cobyandbam.com.

How to Strengthen Feet to End Lower Back and Leg Pain

Strong feet can help with leg pain and lower back pain. Read here to find out how to strengthen feet, and what Muffik can do for you and your children alike.

Keyword(s): how to strengthen feet

Lower back and leg pain is all too common among adults. But believe it or not, kids can suffer from these body aches and pains also.

Children experience several growth spurts during their adolescent years, with the most significant changes happening during puberty. With change comes some physical discomfort.

It’s not uncommon for even small children to feel the effects of growing limbs and muscles. Inactivity can also lead to aches and pains in the lower back and legs.

Knowing how to strengthen feet in kids can promote healthy, pain-free development. 

Keep reading for tips on keeping your children active and healthy by strengthening their feet, ankles, and legs. 

Stretch It Out

It’s recommended that children stretch both before and after physical activity. This helps warm and relax the muscles, preventing injury.

It’s common to stretch the upper and lower body, but the feet are often overlooked. Simple stretches for the arch of the foot, heels, and even the balls of the feet can increase mobility and prevent flat feet in kids. 

Have your child stand on a flat, supportive surface and slowly lift and lower onto their tippy-toes. This helps stretch the muscles in the feet and calves. http://muffik.cobyandbam.com

Muffik floor mats add texture to this beneficial routine.

Let your child walk across these cushioned, 3D puzzle pieces either barefoot or while wearing socks. The soles and balls of the feet, as well as the toes and heel, will stretch and strengthen as they navigate the different surfaces.

Available in a variety of colors and patterns, you can decorate a section of your child’s room or play area with our functional and versatile puzzle floor mats. 

Exercise With a Purpose

Stretching for at least 15 minutes a day helps children with flexibility, mobility, and coordination. In addition to stretching, encourage your child to perform purposeful exercise each day.

Organized sports and playing tag with friends are all beneficial for your child’s health and maintaining a healthy weight. Children who are slightly overweight are at greater risk for low back and leg pain.

Encourage your child to participate in other exercise focused specifically on strengthening their feet, legs, and back muscles.

Things like hiking, bike riding, and balancing activities are all great options. When the weather prevents your kids from heading outdoors, exercise and stretch inside using our fun and color puzzle floor mats.

The Experts’ Take on Lower Back and Leg Pain in Children

Knowing how to strengthen feet in kids is essential for reducing their risk of lower back and leg pain — especially during their ongoing growth and development. 

Chiropractors and orthopedic specialists alike recommend stretching and exercise for kids using supportive surfaces like those provided by Muffik. 

Knowing How to Strengthen Feet in Kids Offers the Support They Need

As parents, it’s our job to support our children — physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

By promoting plenty of physical activity and a healthy diet, you’re giving your child the tools they need to succeed.

Knowing how to strengthen feet, leg, and back muscles are just one more way to promote healthy growth and development. 

Contact the professionals at Muffik today and learn more about our revolutionary products and how they can help lay the groundwork for your child’s success. 

3 Things You Should Know About Flat Feet in Children

Have you ever wondered about flat feet in children? Click here for 3 things you should know, and what you can do to prevent or treat your child’s flat feet.
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As a parent, your child’s physical and mental development is paramount.

Have they started complaining of foot pain or cramping? Does their walk appear uneven and do they lack energy during physical activities?

All of these are signs of flat feet in children. This condition (also known as pes planus) is common and affects 2 out of every 10 youngsters. In most cases, flat feet correct themselves over time, but what can you do to help ease your child’s discomfort now?

Keep reading to learn 3 lesser-known facts about flat feet in children and what you can do to help. 

What Does It Mean to Have Flat Feet?

The name seems pretty self-explanatory. Having flat feet means that one or both feet don’t have normal arches.

The arch at the bottom of your foot usually develops naturally by age 3. Without proper arch support, children (and adults) may experience pain or discomfort during certain physical activities or when walking on hard surfaces.

So, what else should you know about flat feet in children? Let’s examine 3 facts and tips to help ease your mind and your child’s discomfort. 

1. Children are Born with Flat Feet

Flat feet are common in infants. In fact, children are born with flat feet and the arch develops over time.

Loose joints and excess baby fat trapped between foot bones sometimes cause a child’s arch to “fall” when they stand up or walk. If you’ve ever heard flat referred to as “fallen arches”, this is why. An arch may be visible when your child is sitting or laying down but instantly disappears upon standing. 

As a child’s muscles strengthen and the soft tissue stiffens, many instances of flat feet correct themselves.

By age 9, the arch should be fully developed. If symptoms persist, a podiatrist can examine your child’s feet and use X-rays to determine the severity of the condition.

2. There’s No Guaranteed Treatment for Flat Feet in Children

Flat feet in children isn’t a source for major concern. Although it can cause mild discomfort or pain in the heel or arch, shoe inserts and surgery are often last resorts.

Other ways to help ease your child’s pain and promote stronger tendons and muscles include:

  • Stretching
  • Physical therapy 
  • Supportive shoes
  • Walking on soft or textured surfaces like Muffik Puzzle Floors

Children with flat feet should avoid walking on concrete or hard surfaces barefoot. Instead, invest in soft or cushioned flooring that helps naturally stretch and support your child’s arch.

Our puzzle floors come in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors that make them appealing and beneficial for your child’s development. The bumps, grooves, and patterns are all designed to help promote strong, healthy muscles and improve coordination in kids.

3. It’s Difficult to Prevent Flat Feet in Children

When dealing with a health issue in children, parents often wonder, “Where did I go wrong?” Rest assured, you didn’t do anything to cause your child’s flat feet.

But the actions you take now can help prevent complications in the future. Proper foot care during adolescence reduces your child’s risk of having flat feet into adulthood.

Promoting exercise, a healthy weight, and proper footwear are all great ways to help protect your child’s feet now and in the future.  

Puzzle Floors Are a Fun Solution to Flat Feet in Children

Who said that correcting flat feet in children had to be stressful – or even painful?

If you’ve noticed your child lacks a natural arch at the bottom of their foot, our puzzle floors can help correct the problem now before it becomes a source of concern. Not only are our puzzle floors and mats colorful and inviting for kids, but they come in a variety of sizes and textures.

Feel free to contact us for more information on how Muffik puzzle floors can promote your child’s healthy development. 

Welcome to Muffik Puzzle Floor

As Christmas season inches closer once again, adults are now searching for the perfect gifts for kids. Nowadays, parents and wards look for function over style. Sensory store Coby & Bam look to introduce an innovative product for kids that offer a high functionality level: the Muffik Ortho Puzzle Floor.

The Muffik Puzzle Floor is a new and upcoming innovative solution that helps rehabilitate flat-footedness in kids. Flat concrete surfaces were never the natural surface for the human foot. As feet get accustomed to unnatural surfaces over time, it can result in flat feet, a condition where the foot’s bottom loses its natural arch. While often painless, flat-footed people are usually more prone to ankle and knee problems due to alignment issues. Experts highly recommend early treatment and rehabilitation, but getting kids to cooperate can often be a challenge.

As the proverb states:  Necessity is the mother of invention. 

After years of working in a pediatric gym that Radim developed a team of experts in their field to help develop Muffik puzzle floor tiles.  Radim had noticed a growing pattern of poor coordination in the children he was treating, which extensive research revealed was related to the universal problem of flat feet.  Perceiving this need for a better foot rehabilitation solution for kids, he spent years developing the puzzle floor idea. He started the project to improve his children’s strength, balance, and stability.

Radim developed a team of experts from the medical, child development, and flooring production fields to specifically design tiles that would be the most beneficial to children.  It was then that Radim worked with Igor, an elite floormat production specialist, who loved the idea of these mats.  Igor’s Russian production facility is the best in the world.

Igor recognized that as adults, we live in cities, going from building to building, flat floor to flat floor.  We are no longer the child we once were, experiencing the world through touch.  We forget the ways of our childhood where outside was our playland, before the days of big cities, modernization and technology.  Igor reminisces about running on the stones by the river, through the forests with nature under his feet.  Stepping on freshly cut grass, and jumping between logs in the creek. 

Spanning 3 continents in design and engineering, and with the help of the University of Ostrava and modern technology, Muffik puzzle piece tiles were born!  These tiles are molded from actual pieces of the natural environment, to allow you to create the wonder (and benefit!) of mother nature in your home.  These tiles have become household favorites, and are now sold in over 20 countries around the world. 

And now, at long last, they’re coming to the United States!  Igor met Jeff while researching the US market.  Jeff operates Coby & Bam, a company specializing in sensory and educational toys for children.  Besides operating Coby & Bam, Jeff is a father to four boys (aged 14 to 2), his youngest with sensory sensitivities.  After being sent a set of tiles and introducing them to his own family and seeing the response from his own children, Jeff became passionate about the tiles and began working hard with Igor and Radim to bring them to the United States. 

These tiles are so versatile!  They are interlocking, and shaped like a puzzle piece, allowing your children to use their imagination!  Create a trail, a path, a maze… the possibilities are endless! 

Besides being beneficial to balance, core strength, and coordination, these tiles promote creative play, parent-child interaction, sensory stimulation, and gross and fine motor development.  Create a beach in your child’s bedroom, with seashell and riverstone tiles.  Create a forest in the hallway, with the sticks, pinecones, and roots tiles.  Make an obstacle course, a sensory mat or a play corner with a little touch of mother nature.  Help your children experience their world through touch, all while promoting health, fun and overall wellness. 

The revolutionary product from Muffik has done more than help prevent and correct flat feet. The innovation is also an excellent solution for improving foot and leg strength, posture, balance, back pains, and hip and leg problems. The product is a staple in various physical therapy and medical centers all over the world.

Today, the company behind the innovative solution looks to ramp up operations as the demand has surpassed its current manufacturing capacity. The company Coby & Bam hopes to save as many kids as possible from the hassle and complications that flat feet bring. By introducing the product in the United States, they look to create a dent in the medical industry by introducing Muffik and, hopefully, many more innovations to treat today’s prevailing physiological problems.

To learn more about Coby & Bam and the Muffik Orthopedic Puzzle Floor, check out their website at muffik.cobyandbam.com. Follow their blog at Muffik.blog. Reach out by telephone at (518) 381 – 0522. 

You can preorder one of the hottest gifts of 2020 starting September 28. Muffik will have a full product launch on November 1. Stay tuned for their Ultimate Toy Sweepstakes, where they are giving away hundreds of dollars of the World’s Coolest Toys!